We run 2 – 4 hour workshops depending on the need and requirement of the group or individual.  For some groups 2 hours is a good amount of time for the attention and stamina required.

With our supply of equipment, we can turn up to a venue with almost all that is required.   All we ask  of you is that you have a surface, washing up space and ideally a cooker…. but we also suggest you take dough home to bake if that is what is needed.

We also have the use of a kitchen if you and your group wish to have a place to go.  Our experience is that many people benefit from familiar space and territory…. but some people like a new scene so we can accommodate both!!

For a 2 hour workshop we use spelt bread which requires a shorter rise and baking time.   We bring dough already prepared so that one rise is done….  With a longer workshop we can make all the bread from scratch… white, wholemeal and spelt and all the different varieties that develop from that…

We have a sliding scale for costs and work very much with what a particular group can manage.   We are fortunate to have support and funding from Unltd and Dudley Council which means we can work to our target which is to reach as many groups as possible in the community.

We work with disabled groups and have experience working with dementia sufferers.  We find creative ways to navigate wheelchairs and those who have limited use of their hands and bodies…  The benefits are enormous and we discover something new each time we bake,  what is possible and the wellbeing it creates in those who bake with us…


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